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Biogy Solutions AS plans to build LBG plant in Stavanger

21 December 2023

The planned LBG plant will produce 100 GWh of liquid biogas (LBG), 13,678 tons of liquid bio-CO2 and 155,000 tons of bio-fertilizer and could already be in operation by mid-2025.

Biogy Solutions is a Norwegian company which has ambitious plans to build several LBG plants in Norway. – We have been working on a location in the Stavanger area since August last year, and it is therefore very gratifying for us to finally be able to inform about our plans, says Antoine Forcinal, CEO of Biogy Solutions AS.

Stavanger and Rogaland are natural locations for establishing our first production facility in Norway, says Jan Kåre Pedersen, who is Executive Chairman of Biogy Solutions AS. – Considering all the expertise the Norwegian energy capital has to offer, with forward-looking authorities with clear plans and targets in the climate area, and not least an important agricultural sector in Rogaland, he explains.

  • We have made excellent progress in concretizing our plans, says Pedersen. Land and location in the Stavanger area was clarified earlier this autumn. In parallel, we have worked thoroughly on planning and early engineering of solutions, in addition to establishing a good dialogue with local farmers, which has led to us already securing agreements of intent regarding the delivery of livestock manure and usage of bio-fertilizer.
  • We have now reached the point where we are sending out the neighbor notice to start the permit process with the municipality of Stavanger and will invite neighbors to an information meeting about our plans over the New Year. It is important for us to start disseminating information to stakeholders about the project, he explains.

We are also in dialogue with Enova about submitting a grant application to participate in Enova’s first round of applications for 2024, Pedersen added.

  • Biogy is approaching an exciting stage of development, says CEO Antone Forcinal. At the same time as we are revealing our plans in Stavanger, we are holding conversations with other exiting locations in the Bergen area and further north in Vestland County, so we hope to have other announcements regarding our projects shortly, he concludes.