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About us

Biogy Solutions AS is a leading a technology-based biomethane producer with head offices in Stord, Norway. Biogy Solutions designs, develops, and operates plants based on patented leading technology producing Liquified Biogas (LBG), Bio-CO2 and Bio-fertilisers. Biogy’s technology can also be applied to decarbonize industrial facilities, with leading patented carbon capture technology, as well as energy or fuel to several industries.

Biogy Solutions is building a portfolio of six biomethane plant projects (500 GWh per year) being currently developed in Norway with the objective for these sites to be fully operational by 2030.

Our company has developed a «turnkey» biogas plant concept that is highly effective, adaptable, standardised and yet scalable, designed to fit any industrial needs based on circular waste resources.

Biogy Solutions innovate, develop, and adopt new sustainable value chain models with the capability to transform biogas into a carbon negative sustainable opportunity for industry.

Biogy Solutions AS is a subsidiary of FDE, the largest listed independent green gas producer in France and Belgium, who has developed the first LBG and Bio-CO2 plants in the world (UK and Norway).

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Past Achievements

World’s First Liquefied Biogas (LBG) Plant built on a farm

The FDE Group built the first LBG plant at Greenville Energy site in Northern Ireland and has been operating continuously this production site since 2018 confirming the success of the first plant in the world producing liquid biomethane on a farm. With a capacity of 3 tons per day of LBG (300 Nm3/h of raw biogas), the plant provides local industries with storable renewable energy coming from organic waste. The technology and equipments developed by FDE allow for a very efficient LBG production as well as the production of liquid Bio-CO2, which can be sold as industrial gas and thus increase the project’s profitability.

First industrial plant in Scandinavia

Norway’s market for LBG is expanding, driven by a combination of government support and demand from the private sector. LBG produced from organic waste offers a renewable solution for fueling heavy transport such as busses, trucks and ships, and several Norwegian transport companies have committed to purchasing significantly more LBG in the near future.
The plant is capable of producing up to 8 tons per day of fuel-grade LBG and 10 tons per day of liquid CO2, with enough flexibility to follow a phased ramp-up and to feed gaseous biomethane into the local gas grid.
The inauguration was held in May 2022 in the presence of the Norwegian Prime Minister.

Board and Management

Jan Kåre Pedersen

Founder and former CEO of Renevo

Julien Moulin

Administrator – Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the investment (Barclays, UBS, Maoming IM…) and renewable energy sector (Envision…)

Antoine Forcinal

Administrator and CEO – Engineer with 15 years of experience in management of E&P gas developments globally

Aurélie Tan

CFO – Financier with 19 years experience in the energy sector working for banks (BNPP, Natixis, Standard Bank…) and corporate (Seplat Energy)